Haiti ’12 Update #1

Haiti ’12 Update #1

The High School Haiti mission trip is still 9 days away, but the excitement is already building.  Here is a picture we received from Bill and JoEllen Smith who recently left River Oaks to serve as missionaries at Children’s Lifeline.  Here is their short story that goes with the picture:

“This is a picture of I told Tara I would send pictures of shoes and flip-flops collected by ROCC that were handed out here.   This is a young man JoEllen & I met walking on the road in the village.  He had a bad burn on his wrist and his crocs had huge holes in them, so we treated his burn and gave him new pair of shoes (ones collected by River Oaks), and he picked the pink color…Thanks to you, the Committe, and ROCC body for touching this young man’s life…”

I’m very excited for our trip.  Please keep our upcoming trip in your prayers (final preparations & finances).


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