Dayton Update #4

Today was a challenging day for most of our students and leaders.  It began at 5:45am when we woke everyone up to get ready to serve breakfast.  After the service and breakfast we loaded up the bus and took a tour of two depressing facilities.  The first was a shelter for homeless men.  This shelter actually used to be a jail and definitely still looked like one even with some remodeling.  By the way, the county jail is actually next door to the shelter.   The second was a shelter for women and families.  This shelter is currently housing over 30 families (around 65 children) in addition to single women.  It was interesting to see that many of the family beds were pushed together so the kids could sleep closer to their families.

Later in the day we had the privilege of hearing several testimonies from people who found God through Target Dayton Ministries.  Each of these stories challenged our students in many ways.

Parents, make sure you take some time to ask your child about each of these facilities and the testimonies they heard.  It was definitely an eye opening experience for many of our students.  Please keep us in your prayers and specifically ask God to open the eyes and hearts of our students to what He has in store for them.

Drew Richey
Family Ministries Pastor - x108 - E-Mail Drew


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