Iglesia Renuevos de Vida

Iglesia Renuevos de Vida

Iglesia Renuevos de Vida (New Life Church)

Located in Saltillo Coahuila Mexico, this church was establish five years ago and has been growing ever since spiritually and in numbers

Jorge Robles is the pastor and together with his wife Maria Antonieta lead this congregation, also with the help of their two teen agers sons and one daughter have lead this ministry to a higher label for the glory of God.

One sacrifice this family had to make was when in the year 2008 they had to leave their house to make room for this congregation which was getting together outdoors in the open exposed to the elements, but the following year God provided an other home for them through another believer

The connection with ROCC has been through Juan Hermosillo a member who has family in Monterrey Mexico (55 minutes away) and goes there to visit every year and takes items that gather together from Donis-Green care group and other believers from ROCC and other organizations. Some things that this congregation has received are:

Cloth, shoes, food as well as Bibles, tracts, children and adults Christian books, also the funds from ROCC Christmas projects 2009 and 2010.

Present needs – situations around this ministry:

1. River Oaks has supported Saltillo’s church with the construction of the building together with them and the help of our God this church has now enough room for over 100 adults on the main auditorium. At this point 40 to 50 very old chairs are there for use and on the second floor there is room for as many as 70 kids. All walls and floors on the two floors are in unfinished staged, they are not totally finish.

2. A year ago one of the families moved to the opposite side of town and almost right away pastor Jorge and his wife started going there to start another cell which has been growing to the point that now they meet two times per week in a house they are renting.(This area have a great potential for evangelism).

3. This summer the leadership of Renuevos de Vida and ROCC representative (Juan Hermosillo) developed a project design to help the church’s children and the surrounding community; this project has the objective of sowing the Word of God among the families of the community through the evangelism of the children.

This objective has the priority to give continuity to the program that in the past has been very successful, for example this year they had 45 plus kids in this summer Bible school out of 70 that were registered.

Their goal is to consolidate this local group of kids in the doctrinal biblical teaching as support for their spiritual development and in the same time multiplied the number of participants hoping to have 150 kids as a goal in the first 6 months. Initially they will be able to start with 55 kids which many if not all will come from very poor families.

Actual team leaders at this point in time with past experience are:

One director

Three teachers

Two craft men

Four support assistance (trained teenagers)

Even though the focus will be on kids evangelism other concerns will be on making sure they will be comfortable and empowered to take the love of God to their family members, their for a meal will be served at the end of each session, specifics of cost will be provided.

River Oaks
Our mission is to Go to the lost with the message of Jesus Christ, Grow our faith in Jesus Christ, and Show compassion to those in need. We offer services at 9:00 and 10:30am, a student service at 10:30am, and a Spanish service at 12:30pm. Come visit us and let us show you around!


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