Haiti Update

On an on-going basis, ROCC will be partnering with an organization already effectively serving the needs in Haiti. During October our team will be investigating the following Non-Profit Service Organizations on the ground in Haiti. Should you have knowledge of any others you would like us to consider, please contact anyone on the missions committee or Pastor Tim.

  1. Christian Service Internationalcsiministries.org ;  haitihope.org
  2. An interdenominational service organization based in Muncie with field headquarters in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and Highgate, Jamaica. They promote short-term mission trips that develop teams that meet the needs of individuals, churches, and other mission agencies by channeling resources to the field. They are funded by contributions of which 100% is applied to the designated project. All staff members raise their own support. Croix de Bouquet is their mission base of operation, near Cap Haitien.

    1. Faith United Methodist Church has been partnering with them to provide teams for service in Haiti. They have specifically been instrumental in the construction of a school which opened in 2004.
    2. Allegheny Region Missions –armissions.org

    This is a multi-denominational ministry focusing on mission projects and programs in medical, construction, and education. They have been partnering with CSI to provide short-term teams and a teacher sponsorship program since 2003.  They use 100% of the designated funds toward the project.

  3. Church World Servicechurchworldservice.org
  4. They work with partners to eradicate hunger and poverty around the world. They support sustainable grassroots development, disaster relief, and refugee assistance, and educate and advocate on hunger-related issues. They network to provide local and global caring through CROP hunger walks and the Blanket+ program. They have been operating since 1946. They say only 14.6 cents of every donated dollar goes to overhead. In Haiti, they are partnering to train cooperative leaders, increase credit and loan systems, and provide livestock for families in northwest Haiti. (Gressier 2010)

  5. Haitian Christian Ministrieshcmin.org;  youtube Haiti Medical Mission; ufp-squad.com
  6. Founded in 1984 by a Haitian national who returned to the island after completing Bible school in the US, they have built a church, school, and a clinic in the village of Pillatre west of Port-au-Prince.

      An E-Free church in Plymouth has partnered with them to send teams to assist with their outreach in the community meeting needs of school sponsorship, staffing  medical clinics, and most recently, construction of houses to replace the tents for refugees.
  7. Touch Global Crisis Response Ministriesefca-touchglobal.org
  8. This organization works in conjunction with the Haitian E-Free church and other partners to minister to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of those in relief and recovery for the purpose of outreach, evangelism, and church planting. They have been on the ground since the quake in January of 2010 specifically focusing on an area of devastation in a village called Gressier, just south of Port-au-Prince. They have been constructing homes to replace tents, developed an orphanage, and are meeting social, emotional, and physical needs of those displaced and recovering from loss.

  9. Vision of Hope Ministriesvohmhaiti.com
  10. This organization is reaching people of Haiti through a church planting movement. Operating since 1995, they have established four churches and a k-13 Christian school. They have plans for a college level school, a medical clinic, counseling center, and are strongly encouraging micro-enterprise projects that will employ church members and encourage independence. Their resident missionary is a Haitian national who earned his Bachelor’s in a Bible school in the States and returned to Haiti to serve as an E-Free pastor to the Haitians. The base of operations is in Berard near Cap Haitien in northern Haiti.

  11. Nehemiah Vision Ministriesnehemiahvisionministries.org
  12. In 1995, a Haitian national pastor, returned to Haiti under Campus Crusade for Christ and in 2005 he developed Nehemiah Christian Academy in Chambrun. The following year, they expanded to include a feeding program. Since then the school has grown to include a pre-school and additional school buildings. A church (2009) and medical clinic have been constructed, as well as a children’s home. Programs have been developed for child sponsorship, adopt-a-classroom, and feeding the children.

    1. Oak Creek Community Church in Mishawaka has partnered to assist in their efforts by sending teams. Much has been accomplished, including the on-going construction of a desperately needed hospital.
    2. Feed my starving children – fmsc.org
    3. Committed to feeding God’s hungry children in body and spirit in 70 countries around the world, they have partnered with Nehemiah ministries to provide daily meals to children in need.

  13. World Vision International  –  wvi.org
  14. This organization is involved in programs to help communities overcome poverty such as education, health, economic development, microfinance, agriculture, water, and sanitation.  They identify places at risk of disaster, prepares resources and staff in high-risk zones, and builds capacity and resilience among communities to help them protect themselves before an emergency and rebuild afterwards. Six million dollars of their annual budget is allotted for this purpose. World Vision is also works to empower communities to know and speak up for their rights at local, national, and international levels. In situations where such community-led advocacy is not possible, World Vision takes the voices of those living in poverty to those decision-makers with the power to change unjust policies and practices.

    Child sponsorship establishes a relationship between children, their families, sponsors, and World Vision Staff improving lives by sharing resources, hope and experiences in overcoming poverty through child-focused development programs. Contributions deliver health and educational improvements and support vital development of HIV/AIDS response, water and sanitation sources, and economic and agricultural development leading to better nutrition, improved health, and better incomes. Programs benefit the entire community including non-sponsored children and their families.

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