Update Communication from Mexico

Update Communication from Mexico

A letter from Pastor Jorge at Iglesia Renuevos de Vida


Blessings brother Juan

I am so happy to know what you are experiencing in you life and to know that God is on your side. Give a good hug to all my brothers and please express to them that they are to our life an example and motivation to continue working on our Lord’s work.

On the other hand I do not know in which part may be this mission that you visited but I’m so glad for what God is doing in this world that needs so much of Him.

And referring to the brother you comment me you tell me in which way I can serve and believe me if you send him he will be attended like if it was you, just tell me what you need.

Well brother besides I want to comment to you I do not know if you remember that I’d told you about a care group we start on the west side of the city; well what is happening now is that God is manifesting in a very special way and we want to formalize this cell and organize a mission on that side of the city.

I’m asking you to pray for this because we are going to talk to Pastor Ezequiel so that he may give us the approval and we won’t have any problems in the following of this mission. We are very excided and motivated about it.

I tell you till this moment they are 14 persons between adult and young adult and 10 children. On that side of the city is an area where unpleasant acts have bean happening due to the situation we are living.

The only thing that holds us is the approval from Pastor Ezequiel and the I.E.I. we hope it will be no problem and if everything come accordingly and primarily it is approved by God on your next visit in Agust you will be here in the appointment of the mission and prime work of Renuevos de Vida.(New Life Church).

Pray much for us brother and thanks for your attention, greeting to all.

Yours truly, amigo, brother and slave of Christ Jesus brother Jorge 

Contributed by Juan Hermosillo

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