Post Trip Thoughts – Juan Hermosillo

Post Trip Thoughts – Juan Hermosillo

Our Island Nation Trip

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I give thanks to God for allowing me to be a part of this trip in which I have been very blessed.  It was a privilege to be able to witness to the people that doesn’t have much of the material things that we enjoy and to see their faith at work under the lack of freedom, medicine, transportation food and many other necessary things that they do not have.  I believe their situation makes them more faithful and humble and more dependent on God’s promises.  Their conversations with God were very eloquent and meaningful as well as their commitment to God.

In this trip I was able to see the work of God not only in the field – also here at church.  It was evident the unity of the Spirit that operates there and here. It was Him, the one that put all things together directing the hearts of ROCC leaders and congregation to serve there.  It was him that took us and brought us with out any problem.  It was Him that allowed us to see His work in the kids club and in those teacher ladies that spent hours planting the seed in the children.  It was Him that took us to comfort the poor and sick old people that was living alone and did not have a glass of cold water to eat the little food they had.

 My prayers are for the pastors Carlos and Rose.  They are the ones that are in charge of distributing every month the help to many people and exposing themselves to all type of dangers.  They took good care of us protecting us, feeding us, and also taking us to see other believers. There were many others that make sure we were fine while we were there.

The people make me fill like I was a part of them being Hispanic like them.  It was easy for me to make good relationships with some pastors and others – especially with pastor Jesus and pastor Carlos.

We, the ROCC team, got the privilege to work together with them painting their church together with Raul and Raul’s father.  I also enjoy the company of Al, Todd, Mitchell and Michael.  We all share the load of painting.

Every house we went to they received us like if we were part of their family.  That’s the part that I missed the most.  They had so much love to share with us.  They sing songs and pray together with us. We all got the privilege to be invited to a wedding which it was very good experience.

We got to witness to the people we rent our rooms from, leaving some presents and a bible for them and also to Osbaldo, the taxi driver who took us every where around there.

I appreciate the company of my team members.  They all were very patient and kind with me.  My admiration for the work Pauline Yoder has bean doing there.  She was an important key member in this trip and her love for these people was an inspiration to me.

To all ROCC members, especially those that support this ministry and those that pray for us, I hope that I transfer to you the love they sand to you and to the whole congregation.  I know these people are very special for God and the memories I got from this trip will be with me forever as a reminder of my Lords love for His people.

Thanks, in His service

Juan Hermosillo

River Oaks
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