Post Trip Thoughts – Al Heims

Post Trip Thoughts – Al Heims

Team Leader Reflections 

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As the team leader of this trip and speaking for the entire team, I want to give our thanks to the River Oaks leadership and body for their support of this trip and the Kingdom work we want to progress.   The support during it’s planning, the medication drive, the chicken fundraiser, the commissioning, and individual encouragement from members was all appreciated and encouraging – it has and is making a difference.

The prayers were most appreciated.  All of the bibles, devotionals and other Christian materials, as well as medications, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and much more all got through customs and now are in the hands of local pastors who will use it in their ministries.   Through the prayer support we had peace and discernment, protection with no serious health, safety, or security issues during the trip.   We returned believing we were truly used for His purpose and that the impact of the trip will survive our time there. 

Prior to leaving I was excited to have an exclusively River Oaks contingent to participate directly in the work that the church body has been engaged in over the years.   Returning, I am very appreciative of this team and how each of them engaged themselves with the local pastors, the Kid Club leaders and kids, and all the others we went there to serve.   They were enthusiastic, supportive of the local church’s work, and I believe represented the body of River Oaks very well in our support of the Island Nation church and the “least of these”.     Further, I think each of us was changed in a major way through just being in an environment where there is so little, yet faith is so strong – and then opening up ourselves to let the Holy Spirit work through us for His Kingdom purposes.

We left many good people behind that have great difficulty in meeting minimal daily sustenance.  In addition, Christians are continually challenged by authorities in the practice and growth of their faith.  I hope all of us can find time to pray that basic needs can be met for the poor people of the nation, and the church on the Island Nation will continue to thrive in spite of the opposition.

Al Heims

River Oaks
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