Post Trip Thoughts – Todd Lozier

Post Trip Thoughts – Todd Lozier

My Eyesight’s Not The Same

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As I reflect back on the Island Nation trip, it’s difficult to pick out a particular event that has the “most” meaning.  Every hour of every day has a memory.  However, what isn’t difficult to pick out is how I look at things differently now that I’m home… and the simple things that can bring great emotions back to the surface.

– As a parent, it was an awesome experience to see six kids from two different nations and two different languages quickly come together in the laughter and fellowship of an UNO game.

– I couldn’t speak his language and he certainly couldn’t speak mine.  But only a short while after meeting, one young boy and I found a bit of common ground.  I liked to take pictures with my camera and so did he – I have a few pictures with half cropped heads… that are some of my favorite from the trip.

– Going to the local market with your son and buying vegetables and fruits that you will be passing out to people in need later in the day is a real highlight.

– What a thrill to meet a 90 year old man who lives in a thatch roof house with dirt floors and a wood stove outside in back… and all he wants to show us is how physically strong believing in God makes him.  By the way, he also let us know that he has prayed for just 40 more years of life so he can have a little more time to tell people about God.

– We met a 79 year old man who is suffering from prostate cancer.  It was obvious to those with us that see him often that health is starting to go.  He told us he was thankful for each new day, because it was one day closer to the day he will get to see God.

– The Island Nation has a another dynamic that can sometimes leave a scar on your heart.  We met a lady who’s adult daughter had passed away – the daughter suffered from severe epilepsy.  During the last few years, this small lady was not able to get her daughter out of bed on her own.  Unable to move, the daughter spent much of time bed ridden in a bedroom that was stifling hot.  On the previous mission trip, part of the time was spent putting in a window in the bedroom.  Unfortunately, some of the neighbors complained and the government came in and boarded up the window.  A sheet hangs over the patched up window now.

– There was a lady who receives support from River Oaks every month.  She had recently taken in some relatives who needed a place to stay so there were now 4 adults and 2 kids living in the small three room house with two beds.  She also shared that her electric bill was a bit higher this month due to the extra people and she wasn’t sure where the 57.20 national pesos to pay the bill would come from. (57.20 national pesos is approximately $2.29)  It was humbling for Mitchell and I to think that we only had to give up two convenience store Gatorades in order leave enough money in an envelope so Carlos and Rose could make sure this month’s electric bill and next month’s were taken care of.

My eyesight just isn’t the same…. 

When I take a picture with my camera, I see a pint sized photographer.

When I drive by a farm market, I see an opportunity to help someone in need.

When I get up in the morning, I see a sick man who is happy to be one day closer to God.

When I look out the window, I see a sheet over a boarded up window.

When I look at the menu board at McDonalds, I see a Happy Meal that costs 57.20 pesos.

Todd Lozier

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