Island Nation – Continued Prayers

Island Nation – Continued Prayers



The mission team is back and there are many stories and experiences to upack.  However, our pastor partners in the Island Nation need our continued prayers now more than ever.  Due mostly to the success of their ministry efforts, the Island Nation pastors are being watched very closely and even harrassed.

While we were there, several incidents kept our hosts on alert; known “officials” would stop by to knock on the door and say hello, a known “official” had a bicycle break down in front of their house that took a lengthy part of a morning to repair, a known “official” attended the church service on Sunday to observe the message and most likely the visiting attendees (us).

There are worse actions that our pastor partners are facing as well.  Known “officials” have attended services at a few of the rural churches that are part of the ministry and ultimately attempted to divide the congregation in an effort to stifle its vitality.  New phones are being installed in the city and members of the church are not issued phones – the “officials” give excuses like ‘you are too old / young and don’t need a phone’ as a reason to skip them.  The transportation department has determined that there is an “error” with the licensing of our pastor’s van and have taken away the license plates in an effort make the outreach ministry support more difficult.

Through all of this, our pastors remain true to their ministry and true to their conviction, but they need our prayers.  They need our prayers for;

  – strength, safety and hope

  – return of the van license plates

  – strong congregations that see through the false attempts to divide them

Please continue to pray persistently and robustly for our Island Nation pastors and their ministry.

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