Selling Cars with Ashley Cleveland

Selling Cars with Ashley Cleveland

I’ve recently purchased a new computer for my recording studio.  Of course when you do this, you’ve got to update software and jump through a million different technical hoops (which I did!).  A lot of my recent vacation time was spent staring (with tears in my eyes) at software company’s websites and on the phone with tech’s from Apple, Digidesgn and Sweetwater. I’m glad to say that I’m up and running.  In the process of all this, I also was pulling music files (songs, jingles, video soundtracks) to a different hard drive.  At first this seemed like an incredibly daunting task (I’ve done a lot of jingles and stuff in the last ten years or so).  I was finding myself listening to tracks I wrote and produced that I didn’t even remember (I guess that could be old age).

One pleasant surprise was a jingle that I did for a car lot a few years ago.  Listening to the session tracks, it made me wish that all projects could be like this one.  This was an account that my friend Roark brought in (Roark and I have done a lot of musical projects throughout the years). When Roark gave me the info for this spot, I remember him telling me that the client wanted it to be in the style of Robben Ford (which is one of my all time favorite guitarists, modern blues vibe).  I was thrilled cause I love to play in that style!  The client also wanted it to be a female vocalists.  So while writing and recording the track, I heard the voice of Ashley Cleveland in my head.  Ashley is a gospel, blues, rock vocalist who has won grammys for her solo albums, sung with John Hiat and scores of others.  She’s so soulful, “Aretha” like.  Totally authentic and real.  Again, one of my all time favorites.

I have a friend in Nashville who owns a studio named Dave Clo. I use him to find vocal talent for different spots that I do.  He records them at his studio and we go back and forth via the internet.  For this track, I told him I needed a female vocalist like Ashley Cleveland (knowing it would be impossible to get her).  The next day he called and said he lined up Ashley!  I don’t know how he pulled this off, but the next day Ashley was singing over my track, and it was thrilling!  A great joy for me!  I also loved listening to the outtakes.

The client and I were very pleased how it all turned out.  The downside is, soon after, the car lot changed management and I don’t know if the song ever hit the air. It’s to bad. This is one I’d enjoy hearing on the radio. Click here to take a listen! Ashley Cleavland – Suzuki Spot

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  1. Chris Zerges 7 years ago

    Nice Scott. If I had some extra cash I would run right out and buy a Suzuki. As it is…..I think I will go out and buy a Robben Ford record instead: )

  2. Joel DeMott 7 years ago

    I demand you play some blues for me ASAP…I also find this Ashley Ford to be very enjoyable.

  3. Joel DeMott 7 years ago

    I meant to write Ashley Cleveland*

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